Modular B is a series of ten weekend courses (Friday evening to Saturday afternoon only) spread over 12 months. This life-changing teaching focusing on different subjects to Modular A, will greatly encourage personal growth and healing in your own life whilst equipping you with skills to help others. The courses are progressive in content, (but some are being run as stand alone) providing important keys in healing and discipleship. Half-way through the course, we will be running a Healing Through Creativity event. We strongly urge you to attend all the units!

Our School of Ministry provides teaching and understanding in manageable units, on the topics outlined below, and we are sure they will inspire and encourage your personal growth in Jesus as well as bringing healing and restoration.

Unit B1 – Steps to Freedom from Addiction (Stand Alone)

Looking at the root causes of the addiction, not just the results that affect our behaviour, this course offers hope and help for those struggling with addiction and for those who are seeking to help them


Unit B2 – The Truth about Relationships (Stand Alone)

Relationships impact us in both positive and negative ways. This course will help us understand God’s intention in relationships and offers practical help to improve and even restore those relationships that seem beyond repair.


Unit B3 – Anger… How do we deal with it? (Stand Alone)

The practical teaching on Godly expression of anger shows us how to bring one of the most powerful emotions we experience back under Godly control.


Unit B4 – Healing through Creativity (Stand Alone)

This is not so much a course but an experience! The healing of the freedom to ‘be’ rather than to ‘do’ is very profound. This course helps us get there.


Unit B5 – Healing for Victims of Accident and Trauma (Stand Alone)

Post-traumatic stress and the consequences of accidents can continue to affect our lives, even years after the event. This course explores vital keys to lasting healing.


Unit B6 – Deliverance Ministry 2

Provides deeper understanding of the healing and deliverance ministry to deal with particular problems caused by the Satan’s deceptions and lies.


Unit B7 – Dealing with Stress, Anxiety and Burnout (Stand Alone)

This course explores the root causes of stress and how to bring God’s healing. Clear Bible-based teaching on anxiety and the true peace that comes only from Jesus.


Unit B8 – Transformed by the Renewing of the Mind (Stand Alone)

This helpful course provides answers for the struggles we often have in our Christian walk and our relationships with others, so we can enjoy life free from guilt, fear and conflict.


Unit B9 – Understanding Abuse (Stand Alone)

For anyone who may care for and minister to those who have been abused. The sensitive teaching will also help those who have been abused to understand some of the difficulties they experience.


Unit B10 – Healing Workshop

A dynamic workshop exclusively for Modular students giving the opportunity to practice, while supervised, what has been taught in the previous units.