What is School of Ministry?

The School of Ministry (previously known as Modular School) is a training course series covering important keys that that will equip you to help others whilst encouraging personal growth and healing in your own life. It is run at Ellel Ministries Malaysia. The School of Ministry is an ideal choice for those whose commitments do not allow for attendance on one of the longer Ellel Ministries Schools. View teaching format

How will it help me?

The modules have been selected to provide teaching and understanding in manageable units, as well as inspiring and encouraging personal growth, healing and restoration. This is vital for equipping God’s people to minister His healing power and love out of a real understanding and personal experience.

Students who have completed the School have discovered that their walk with the Lord has been enriched and their relationship with Jesus has deepened. Additionally, many have found that their individual callings have been confirmed. Healing Workshops at the end of each part of the Modular School give students practical experience in the healing ministry alongside experienced Ellel Ministry Team members.

Tutorials and Assignments

The Modular School has dedicated tutors who are available to facilitate discussions during tutorial sessions. Students find these to be a place of love, acceptance and comradeship as well as a place where the learning process is enhanced.

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