Bringing the heart of God to the heart of man through healing, deliverance and discipleship programmes to help strengthen and serve the body of Christ in Malaysia – this is the vision of Ellel Ministries Malaysia (EMM) as it opens its doors in KL/Klang Valley.

The story of the restoration of a disused, vandalised three-storey building in Klang, is a picture of God’s heart of generosity and restoration for men and women and whole families,”

says the Centre Director, Linda Tang. Linda’s own search for personal healing was instrumental for the KL/Klang Valley Centre to become a reality. “I saw a need for this kind of ministry that operates in complete confidentiality, with the Holy Spirit, in partnership with the local church and offering healing to people with unhealed wounds and hurts in a safe and comfortable environment.”

Linda continued,

“Even our address, 9 and 11 Jalan Dendang 1 is significant for us, because Ellel International, which was established in 1986 in the UK, has its key verse Luke 9:11 – all about Jesus welcoming the people, teaching them about the Kingdom of God and healing them! Here at Ellel we are interested in ministering to the whole person, body, soul and spirit. We place emphasis in getting to the roots of a problem, rather than just dealing with the symptoms of it. As well as reaching out to the community we work with local churches, by invitation, to bring more of the reality of God’s love for individuals and families,”

Being part of Ellel International means that the KL/Klang Valley leadership team can call on the experience and resources of a well-established Ellel International network, as well as being able to draw from the headquarters of EMM in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and another centre in Penang.

Rev. Kenneth Thien, who is EMM National Director, based in KK said,

“We are excited to see the KL/Klang Valley Centre open its doors to their community and already many church leaders in KL are talking about the possibility of working with us in the long term. We are all on a journey, an exciting journey of grace and restoration. What we have received we want to give to others. I know under Linda’s passionate leadership the Ellel work in the Klang Valley will go from strength to strength.”



Some people have nicknamed the Centre a ‘Miracle Centre’ because of the amazing provision of materials and finances that have been pouring in. So many people have been touched by the Lord to provide office equipment, flooring, furniture and finances. Linda Tang continued:

“Many people have been so generous both in giving their time, their prayers, finances and materials to help us turn this disused building into a welcoming centre we would never have been able to afford otherwise. I want to thank everyone who has contributed. We know that they will be blessed as they see people healed here. As the same time, we are equally aware f those who give small gifts, choosing to “do without” for themselves in order to bless others. As a ministry, each and every gift, both the small and the large, and everything in between, is received with great thanksgiving and gratitude as we seek to spend every Ringgit wisely to bring hope, healing and restoration to those in need. “