KL/Klang Valley Centre Healing Retreat Testimonies

‘I am certain that at some point in your life, you will go through tough periods where you will feel as though you are fighting the battle alone. This was what happened to me when I was at my lowest as my high-paying career tumbled. I was lost, lonely and depressed. I was so desperate to be healed that I did a google search for “Healing Retreat”. That’s where I discovered Ellel Ministries and I contacted them. I know I didn’t discover them by chance. It was God who directed me to them. I attended a Healing Retreat in KK and it was truly an amazing experience and learning towards healing. I have got a job now and God has been involved throughout my journey. With God in my life, I know that I have Him to turn to – I am talking to Him every day!’ – AL from KL

‘During these few days of the Healing Retreat, my kitchen has been renovated, and I feel that being here is the renovation of my heart! As God heals me he is also wanting to heal the whole family – there is an impact for others too!’ – CM from KL

‘With lots of prayer ministry this time I have learned many things. I have been set free from fear so I am not frightened to give this testimony! I used to struggle to read my Bible and I really wanted to get the riches from God’s word. I hated being a burden, being obligated to people, and through ministry the Lord revealed the root causes of that. I thank God!’ – FW from KL